Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Hypocrisy From The Unhinged CarolMooreReport

Carol got herself all wound up and has served up a Sarah Palin-like imagining of herself as a victim, claiming that this image, underscoring her "nuttiness," was somehow misogynist. How quickly she forgot that she had recently posted this:

So what does that then make Carol? A misandrist? A hypocrite? Or maybe just a "nutty old shrew," as suggested. Certainly the talking out of both sides of her mouth is what causes the drooling.

Here's what she "imagined" the last time she saw squirrel nuts:
("A)ny female - and most men - can guess what my real response to it was. (Hint, where's(sic) the rubber bands - or the anesthetic and the proper tools.)"
Wingnut Carol, the Stepford libertarian, sees no problem with ideating violent castration scenes in her whacked out, imaginary world, and then uses her toxic rhetoric in a blog post. Figures.

I wonder, how goes Carol's search that she posted in her profile for some guy for her to cook for? Did she get any offers from any man so needy that he'd follow her direction to enroll in an appropriate twelve-step program? I don't think I could have summed up any better the need for some form of counseling for the couple but I think it was really just another of Carol's bigoted, misandrist slams.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poor Carol

She's been having such a hussey fit that she's degenerated into once again to sending me her salacious and speculative comments that she knows will never be published here. Her comments were banned years ago for her troll-like nature.

Here's to wishing Carol Moore a New Year devoted to her bettering her mental health.

Hugs, girl!