Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should Carol Moore Ever Say Anything Meaningful...

... or worthwhile, I'll post about it here. In the meantime, contemplate the squirrel, Carol, and imagine (something that you do so much of) cricket sounds, doll. And don't forget to check for new stuff at the right, Carol; I'm trying to freshen it occasionally since I doubt you'll ever say anything meaningful or worthwhile that'll necessitate a new post.

UPDATE: Sadly, as with most things in her life, Carol's taken my meager parodic endeavor in the wrong way and it's prompted quite a response, laced with violent imagery, so typical from someone of her background, i.e. that of a supporter of murderers.

No, Carol. The pic wasn't meant to depict testicles, although it's awfully interesting that you became so fascinated by that aspect. Isn't it odd how a supposed feminist goes right to mutilation as a response method. Me wonders how Carol would react if some pathetic, raving sicko made a suggestion like hers, but about women? It's especially odd when you consider that Carol is one of those types who suggest that litigation is a recourse to any who might disagree with her wackiness, er, political views. Guess you blew that one, eh Carol? Didn't anyone ever explain to you at that law office that threats don't strengthen you position in a free speech case, especially when you've gone to such lengths to make yourself into a notable public figure? In fact, that usually closes that door for you.

What I'd been looking for was an image for a nutty old shrew and that's as close as I could get, Carol - a rodent with, well, maybe your therapist can explain the idea to you.