Saturday, December 25, 2010

Carol Just Loves to Make Shit Up

Winter solstice observances are something that can be somewhat traced to the early Neolthic period, somewhere around 7,000-10,000 years ago. This coincided with human development of farming and animal husbandry practices, as well as the the organization of primitive communities that needed a method of planning for the year. Solstice was a part of religious practices developed well after the start of the Neolithic period.

Of course Carol Moore, never one to be troubled by facts when advancing her various agendas, should they be unavailable, has what she calls her "guesstimate" to cover any such occasions.

In this case, she's posited that humans began solstice celebrations more than 40,000 years before the need for such observations, absent any facts to support such a ludicrous projection and based on her unfounded "guesstimate."

Way to pull useless shit out of your ass, Carol.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carol's Continuing to Swirl the Bowl of Irrelevancy

While Carol's had nothing important to say in nearly three years, her further decent into obscurity is evidenced by the action taken last year at Wikipedia to strike her self-edited ode to herself based upon her relative unimportance.

Here's what some of her fellow editors at Wikipedia had to say about her and her article:
"Article is on a non-notable political activist which has extensive editing by a party (Carol) with a conflict of interest... Merely promoting already famous ideas or being associated with notable organizations does not create notability in the general or specific forms."

"References should be about the subject, not written by the subject."

"One does not generate notability by writing about him/herself."

"Solidly non-notable."

"Promoting famous ideas of others or being associated with notable organizations does not create notability..."

"Delete, and suggest a long hard read of our inclusion, reliable sources and verifiability guidelines."

"I never considered the "significant coverage in reliable sources" part of policy to mean "significant amount". The coverage is not significant. From what can be seen, she's mentioned in passing... She doesn't appear to have been the subject of any significant coverage. Promotional or not, the article doesn't satisfy inclusion criteria at this time."

"Delete - many, many violations in this article... The page right now has many, many soap violations which would require a complete cleansing of the sources as they seem more about selling a product than actually dealing with references. The article would be best if it was just completely destroyed and, if there is ever any serious coverage of her life by notable sources, then is rebuilt."

"Does seem riddled with (conflict of interest) issues (the ref list smacks of a mission), but beyond that, this simply doesn't meet our standard (for a biography)... unnotable local activist with no claim to significance."

The article on the immensely insignificant Carol Moore was deleted on September 15, 2009.